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About Spa Nes

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The Art of Tranquility

Spa Nes is inspired from the circular structure of our interior that resembles a “Nest” – a place you feel at ease and at “home”; an idyllic respite from stress and to restore your inner balance. The interior of Spa Nes exudes modern contemporary charm; drawing influences from the healing cultures of Southeast Asia. Intricate cross-weaving designs in bold turquoise and gold have been incorporated into the spa as subtle elements of “nest”. 

Nestled at the second level of the Annex @ Furama, indulge in relaxing spa treatments and wholesome dining for a holistic wellness experience. 

Our full day spa pass entitles to complimentary access to all water and heat facilities available. In addition, guests can also get to enjoy free flow of refreshments served at the Dining Cove. 

Spa Nes offers an exquisite selection of Asian healing therapies for guests to truly unwind in the comfort of lush rooms. We have a myriad of bespoke treatments including luxurious spa facials, invigorating spa polishes, therapeutic body massages and more. 

Our signature treatment would be the Aromatherapy Massage, using a custom-blend of Detox massage oil with unique massage techniques to expel body toxics and fatigue to prepare your for fresh day ahead. Living up to the spirit of our motto - Always Incubating Vigour.

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Located in the heart of Singapore City, Spa Nes is the biggest and newest spa in town and especially one that opens till 6am daily. Our aim is to achieve maximum relaxation for each of our guests with individualized and innovative therapeutic techniques. Sophisticated and elegant, yet welcoming and unpretentious, Spa Nes offers a fresh approach to the Singapore spa experience. Our treatments are delivered with exceptional service by caring and friendly spa specialists who set the stage for a personal journey towards better health. Start your journey with us today.

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Hot and Cold Jacuzzi Pools

We are equipped with several hot and cold jacuzzi pools, separated into Male and Female private sections so that you can enjoy maximum comfort.


Our Sauna has everything you need to boost your energy levels. 

Steam Room

It aids to improve blood circulation, reduce blood pressure, loosen stiff joints, reduce stress and many more. Fun fact: it boosts skin health too!

Treatment Nes

Enjoy all treatments in your very own private room that is thoughtfully designed to allow infinite relaxation.

Private Foot Reflex Suite

Relax in our luxurious room while enjoying the big screen television or your personal entertainment system.

Complimentary amenities are provided so that you will leave looking fresh and rejuvenated!

Vitality Nes

Our Vitality Nes can house bigger groups and our passionate team will decorate the room to the occasion and leave you walking away with beautiful memories.

Spa Amenities

Take a break from your crazy and busy life and relax in our spacious Lounge. Enjoy our reading materials, watch tv programmes or just chill out with friends in your own space.


Enjoy fresh hot delectable dishes, nourishing soups, fresh fruits, cold-pressed juices, soft drinks, premium assorted teas/coffee and more.

Private Jacuzzi

Perfect for private personal enjoyment or a romantic getaway.

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